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Long drop earrings

The earrings are hand crafted from raw brass. They are lightweight and what makes them special is “sophisticated magic” they bring by wearing them.

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Our costumers

KATJA BURAKOFF - Helsinki Finland - I lost my favourite brass earrings which I bought in Dubrovnik but so happy to found new pairs again. Thank you!

TANIA GONZALES KLEINVELD - Amsterdam Netherlands - I am so happy with my purchase. I would highly recommend Tilda Loves Jewellery!

BEX MILLER - Taunton UK - Such a lovely treats to get through lockdown.. I loved them so much! Thank you Tilda Loves Jewellery!!

ALLEGRA CELINE BAUMANN - Darmstadt Germany - Amazing jewellery by wonderful Tilda Loves Jewellery! Thank you so much!

MARIJANA IVANOVIC - Dubrovnik Croatia - I am such a fan of her jewellery that I still have her first creations from years ago. Every new collection is just irresistible! Wearing her jewellery complete my style.

ANDREA IVETT ORZCO - Colombia - I just love Tilda Loves Jewellery!

About me

Being born and raised in beautiful Dubrovnik, my love and passion for art and creation could not have by passed me. Although I completed my degree in Management in Tourism, the enthusiasm for jewellery making was stronger to go in that direction 15 years ago. Everyday life within the old city walls of Dubrovnik, every stone, has become an inspiration for life and creation. In London, I continue to refine myself by taking various private courses as well as a course at Morley College for jewellery and metal work.

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Precious earrings

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Hoops earrings

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