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Amulet malachite necklace

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Nicely shaped natural malachite stones, lined in this necklace make it so rich with colour and shape but at same time elegant and sophisticated.

Gold plated amulet gives the touch of magic to it.

This timeless and elegant piece of malachite collection represent calm and perspective and reflect the deep connections we made with nature around us.

The fact that the malachite was given this name due to its resemblance to leaves of mallow plant which have numerous health benefits for us makes it more desirable and attractive.

Malachite stone being thought to bring protection and transformative energy to wearer.

This amulet necklace is here to remind you there is magic in every moment. Wearing it, you spread the magic itself.

Hand made in London.

Long  47 cm



Product material:
Handmade product
Responsibly manufactured
Gift wrapping available on request

Amulet malachite necklace

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