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How to choose right earrings?

There is nothing wrong if we like something so much and we want to wear it especially if we can afford it, to put it back and don't buy it. And when it comes to jewellery there is so many pieces we just love, especially for earrings lovers.

As many of us like to experiment with clothes to see whats suites our body the best it can also be fun to play around with your jewellery in order to figure out which styles balance and highlight your facial proportions in a way that you love.

So here is easy way and our guide how to choose perfect earrings:

For round shape face we would definitely recommend to focus on long, dangling style to create that illusion of extra length.

For the people with heart - shaped face balancing out the jawline with earrings will give you super flattering look. Wide-based styles such as teardrops or flowers flatter the face and balance proportions perfectly.

Beautifully square-shaped faces strong jawlines. If we want to flatter and soften your facial structure, with rounded, curved styles and flowing shapes we can't make it wrong.

For those where the eyes are widest part of the face and a forehead shape mirrors the chin chandelier earrings that are wider at the bottom flatter the face really nicely.

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